Live Streaming

P2P content distribution

Establishing an efficient and secure IPTV broadcast system

High efficiency

Strong security


Bandwidth saving with a motto of high efficiency

Bandwidth saving

Ability to quickly adapt to the growth rate of users, maximizing server-side bandwidth savings

Quick channel switching

Little channel switching gap; extra CDN backup solution for a quick channel switching

Smooth playback

Smooth channel viewing; automatic switching with backup source to ensure the user's viewing experience

High compatibility

Compatible with a variety of different transfer protocol sources, support the mainstream encoding formats on the market

Private protocol, content encryption, anti-theft, for strong security

Private protocol

tvbus:// private protocol to ensure distribution security

Content encryption

Data distribution is fully encrypted, strong anti-theft chain

Account binding

Account and device binding prevents multiple devices logged in with the same account

Test account, backup source solves operational worries

Test account

Test account can be used in the product promotion phase, you can set the expiration time of the test account, and can be transfer to normal account if the user is statified

Backup source switching

The main source of the channel fails, automatically switch to the backup source, to ensure the user's viewing experience, while solving the project operation worries