VoD Streaming

Intelligent load balancing

Secure and efficient distribution system

Scalable, compatible and intelligent VoD system

Easy to expand

Ability to quickly adapt to user growth rates, superior system software performance, and reduced waste of service resources

Intelligent load balancing

Intelligent traffic control based on user geography and server load to enhance user experience

Live recording

Users can also watch back whenever they miss a viewing time by recording live video according to EPG

Multipoint backup

Multipoint backup of media content, fast recovery of lost content due to storage device failure

Private protocol, content encryption, anti-theft, for strong security

Private protocol

tvcar:// private protocol to ensure distribution security

Content encryption

Data distribution is fully encrypted, strong anti-theft chain

Account binding

Account and device binding prevents multiple devices logged in with the same account

Test account solves operational worries

Test account

Test account can be used in the product promotion phase, you can set the expiration time of the test account, and can be transfer to normal account if the user is statified