Full backend services management

Live,VoD,playback,EPG,product packages,user,resellers and ...

Full backend services management

Dashboard Panel

Ability to quickly see how each module of the system is performing and keep track of business growth

Live Management

Batch channel generation and modification; improved channel quality monitoring; error reporting and failure alerts

VoD & Playback

Batch publishing, modification function; intelligent routing, flexible menu management; rich EPG acquisition interface, EPG-based intelligent recording system

Resellers Management

Reseller management support; flexible product setup, service setup, balance management, user management

Product Management

Multi-service, multi-product package support; flexible content management and pricing strategy

User Management

Batch generation, account modification; flexible service period; package management; accounts authentication; complete third-party API

Dashboard Panel

Monitor the operation of each subsystem at a glance and navigate directly to the items to be checked.

Live Management

Channel Management

TV Wall

VoD & Playback Management

Resellers Management


Credit details

Products Management

Users Management

Extra Features

Full automation

Automatically completes customer setup and customer preset construction

Auto registration

Automatic generation of registered users, automatic registration of channels, automatic switching of backup sources

Auto deployment

Automatically deploys and scales systems based on preset content

Full monitoring

Servers, bandwidth usage, channels, full monitoring of online users